M_Dawg, thanks bud... you truly are ignorant when it comes to political effects on a countries industry.  Take a look at what happened to Irans stock market because of political influences.  If you think that mit is unaffected by what's going on in the political world... you're an idiot.  They're targeting emerging economies that are greatly affected by the tension in the middle east.  What do you think will happen if Egypt decides to take military action against Israel... I'll tell you what will happen... there's a good chance that their economy will collapse and stay collopsed for years to come.  That's why I don't belive they'll take such drastic measures... they know full well what will happen.  And, if they do decide to go to war against Israel and mit hasn't spearheaded a venture with another country or large conglomerate that isn't directly involved in political tensions that directly affect their economic status then I would likely sell my shares again because it becomes too high risk.  Wake up, you moron!  The deal that's coming together with the IMF, Egypt taking a non aggessive appoach to what is happening between Gaza and Israel, the U.S. backing Israel 100%, and the support that mit is getting is no coincident.  I'm also of the opinion that if the U.S. gets involved on a military level... other countries will also take an active roll and the domino effect on world economies will be nothing short of catastrophic.

And as far as being a supportive member, I AM you fik'n dipshiat.  I just posted that I bought back in with 4 x the number of shares I had before and stated my reasons.  Don't get me going M_Dawg.... Seriously!  My last post was about how someone was trying to stir the pot when I'm trying to make peace... that was all I meant by it.... so take a chill pill!