I read all of your posts. You come across as an individual who has some smarts and know-with-all.

I am surprised on two things from you:

1. you actually care how people rate your posts. I very rarely give ratings because most of the stuff posted is opinion and conversation. When somebody deserves a post rating for good quality...I supply it. If it is garbage, I do not waste my time.  Is there some prize for the anon BB poster who has the highest rating on Stockhouse?

2 You actually think they are giving you a "1" for the quality of your post. I believe you p!$$ed off a few posters here with your arrogance and continued harping on the same issue. Now you are back waving a blank piece of paper saying how well you have traded this stock (congrats on that, I wish I had done the same).

Welcome back as a shareholder and look forward to reading some of the quality posts from you again.

Disregard the ratings they are just for show and self esteem. You'll know when you make a great post from the reaction of the readers responses. Than again why I am telling you this....you are Mark Twane;)