Egypt getting closer to being recognized as a worthy "debtor" by the IMF IS good news, don't ya think?  If Egypt's plans to restructure do in fact include Mint (which I have no reason to doubt unless proven otherwise) then, imo, it's safe to reinvest.  There's no question, Mint targeting emerging economies and countries in transition is a good game plan.  Set's the stage for industry leadership.  I somehow doubt we'll get 6 mil cards out of Egypt's agricultural sector after all that's happened there, but I'm feeling pretty certain that 2 or 3 mil is very likely considering the circumstances.  Also, I'm confident that Egypt will not take any agressive stand on the conflict in that region, and that Morsi's main interest is in building Egypt's relationship with the U.S. and keeping peace, or at the very least refraining from any agressive involvement with Israel.  He seems to know what's good for him (and Egypt).  jmo, but it looks like Mint is getting ready to start climbing up.