All the marketing videos, investment house letters and postings of what MINT management have said are good signs that the company is working in the background to get this business going.

My concern (little as it is) is that the market is not buying into what it being leaked out into the market by the various sources/individuals. They are either waiting for one or two more things to happen before they buy in. All part of the venture game.

We will need another 9 M trading day to boost us back to where we were before. There are only a few good news stories that may achieve that. Until than I believe we have to let the market slowly realize the gem in the MINT business model.

GL Everybody.

Quote as of: Nov 12, 2012 12:59:00 PM ET
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1 9,000 0.07 0.075 367,000 5
8 726,000 0.065 0.08 219,000 4
9 644,000 0.06 0.085 251,000 3
4 235,000 0.055 0.09 245,000 4
7 774,000 0.05 0.095 239,000