From what I understand about the prospectus process.... 


1) Mint submits a preliminary prospectus to the TSX for review.

2) TSX then goes through the prospectus with a fine tooth comb to ensure that it is an accurate representation of the companies business activitys and identifies all the risks etc.....  During this process Mint will either ammend the prospectus or ensure any missing information is disclosed in SEDAR.

3) Once convinced that Mint has disclosed everything and the the business picture is accurate then TSX will approve a final prospectus.

4) Once the final prospectus is approved, then Mint can begin to sell the securties associated with the prospectus.


It would appear that long form prospectus's are not done all that often, but judging from companies that have gone though this proccess in the past it looks like it takes about 60 days to go from preliminary to final.

This is just my armchair understanding of the process.