From Sedar :

As at October 31, 2012 MAM US and MAML jointly report that one or more of the funds

or other client accounts managed by them, holds in aggregate 15,443,800 warrants of

Mint Technology Corp. (the “Issuer”), representing approximately 5.72% of the currently

issued and outstanding units of the Issuer, based on MAM US and MAML’s

understanding of all outstanding units. This is a decrease of 9.60% in holdings of units

since the last report filed by MAM US and MAML on August 10, 2012.


From Sedar again, as of august 10, 2012, they had 25 millions shares and 16 millions warrants.  I hope that the selling from them is over.


I'm still long and strong.  I bought some at .06 and .08 and decrease my average.  Better day will come. GLTA