Raymond James knows no more than what we all know.  They continue to accumulate at prices going down for long term gain.  Nipping away on what will be higher at some point.  And we all know this because they are building a revenue stream that we all know is going to be there as long as they keep executing.  Management is not looking for their own quick flip.  Very simple...execute on a plan and make it happen for their own benefit. Us shareholders will go for a ride.  Although I would like to see this go up in th short term, the bigger side of me doesn't really care because in a few years, I probably will be able to retire on this one alone.  Frankly most people aren't doing well in their RRSPs or at least breaking even.  Throwing this into the mix will pay huge over time and we all know this.  So, most of mine will just sit locked away while I accumulate bits and pieces. 

We all know that great growth will come here and reviewing many other stocks, even dividend paying ones, I'd take the 10 bagger that takes a year rather than sit and hold something that makes me flat for 12 months as you ride the up and down.  Raymond James knows this.....so do we.

All the best.