I for one am truly sorry for your paper loss and I certainly understand your frustration but as long you have not sold you have obviously not lost  

You alone must decide  if you can live with a further decline in share value which in my opinion is still forth comming  as especially on a day when the market generally has done well but that did not reflect on MIT's share price on the contrary  

Asking anyone posting on this board however does not serve any purpose 

Obviously those who claim to have purchased 500 000 to 800 000 shares at who knows what price and can wait for what years???? LOL Are obviously in a different finacial position than you are and may well be ahead of the game and do not mind obsorbing some reduction in their gains

Anytime one who invests on the Venture Exchange assumes a risk.. It is a great big gambling table

I woud advise you disgard the coments by those with rose coloured glasses

Good luck and be well