based on the president's political agenda

But Bernanke was appointed by Bush (in 2006 and was an economic adviser to Bush before that) - so are you saying Bush and Obama have the same political agenda???  Have you lost sight of reality???

QE never ended and will not end .

No need to answer my last question. Are you saying zero is a number so when QE goes to zero it is still going? So QE1 went to zero but didn't end. Then QE2 went to zero but didn't end. OK in your fantasy world that may work but it still means QE3 will go to zero, maybe this year. Are you the only crazy who doesn't believe QE1 and QE2 ended? Denying factual history is not a good strategy.

But you do like your fantasies. Here are some facts: There is no correlation between QE3 and gold. Graphites are down over 50% since you pumped them. MGP is down 65% YTD and more since you pumped it.


Never mind rambler you keep fooling yourself with lies (but don't look at your investment balance - coz like QE3 it is also going to zero).