...sweeping QE under the rug by putting it on ALGORITHM .

Rambler you haven't a clue what you are talking about. The Fed are bankers and economists - everything they do is based on algorithms.

... will be run by black box .

Newsflash Rambler! No-one is scared about black boxes as we all use them - your posting from a black box. Do you think this is the 60's? Are you still terrified by numbers, algorithms and computers?

All of your predictions so far about QE have been wrong...

My prediction about QE3 is that it will taper off this year, maybe as soon as Q3, and end next year but of course it depends upon inflation and unemployment.

Your predictions: QE3 will cause gold to reach new highs. WRONG, GOLD CONFIRMED A BEAR MARKET.

You also predicted MGP would be over a dollar now. WRONG, MGP IS NEAR AN ALL TIME LOW.

You predicted Spring was good for gold and gold stocks. How's that working for you so far?