If you knowledge is limited to what you have posted you should stick to pouring coffee at the drive through window!

1. re-assaying old core has become common practice because of the rise in the cost of gold.  What was once considered waste now becomes economical.  Looks great on paper i.e. resource increases but most of it while profitable is barely profitable.

2. There is no longer any cross interest betweek KGB and MGP other than the fact that KBG hopes like heck the MGP shares rise because they hold 4 million of them and are in bad need of the cash they bring!

3.  The stuff you are talking about is really old new if it is more than a few weeks old it is meaningless and you are discussing stuff that is a year old.

4.  An additional 300-400k ounces of resources barely over cost is meaninless.

5. I am glad he sent you pictures but some sports illustrated bikini shots would be more meaningful than some old mining pics.

6.  Dude it is because of guys like you that guys like me make money keep up the good work!