It is very difficult and highly speculative to get the whole picture when you only get increments of the stories and especially when you try to get to an conclusions on two stories combined MGP/KBG.

I for my part feel, that Jim had a great part in MGP and the reason why he is where he is now will be a question for some time but maybe there is more behind the scene then meets the eye.

It also looks to me that the MB project is moving along in our favor and maybe we have double luck with having good CEO's in both companies. 


Just to spread a little light into the assaying of the MB resources which is taking time to complete here is a little history to explain things got moving at Jim's watch and Glen was most likely part on the decision making.


I had an e-mail response from Jim in May 2012 and here is the excerpt.

  • 2 drills will resume drilling in June, targeting higher grade pipes to bring pit deeper, numerous assays pending
  • Have commenced large assay program on old core that was not assayed between veins, hope to add 300-400k ounces into pit with this program, will use onsite lab for this.
  • Assessing district targets with prospecting and auger holes to get through the till and see the rock (I am going in to help out later next week)
  • District drilling to follow up above targeting process will likely begin in Sept.



It looks to me that analyzing materials on site with the Lab Facilities purchased under Jim's watch was really increased second half of 2012 and therefore  Jim had definitely a role on the testing and analyzing data for the property evaluation to create a resource. So the work done on Jim's watch should not be underestimated. 




He also sent me the pictures ( which are available in the Home page under "Accurassay Labratories LTD " from the new lab to be brought to site in 2012 for more efficiently analyzing materials on site (At that time he mentioned that the lab could be purchased and operated by MGP with the necessary expert support). 

So the most recent reports may be a result from these actions.


Just my thoughts