From a quick look I see USA oil use 7 billion, USA oil production 2 billion .. 10 yrs ago their production was 2 billion .. it dropped for a time then climbed back to 2 billion ... self-sufficiency seems kind of far off, like Alpha Centauri? Anyone correct me if I'm wrong..


We turned to the Energy Information Administration, the federal government’s official office for energy statistics. Since Obama said "oil production," we will only look at crude oil extracted from U.S. territory, rather than natural gas or other petroleum products.

Here are the annual totals, in barrels produced, going back to 2003:

2003: 2,073,453,000
2004: 1,983,302,000
2005: 1,890,106,000
2006: 1,862,259,000
2007: 1,848,450,000
2008: 1,811,817,000
2009: 1,956,596,000
2010: 1,998,137,000

The full-year data is available only through 2010, but 10 months of data from 2011 have been made public. Through the end of October 2011, production totaled 1,713,038,000 barrels. If that pace continues, the year-end total should be around 2,055,646,000 barrels -- higher than any year since 2003. That’s eight years ago, just as Obama said.