I did a little TA as well. The 20 day is givng great support and the three month daily chart is what I like to see "Starting in the bottom left corner and going up to the right". Nice Trend!! 

I just re-read some of the lates news releases and was reminded that they are releasing Q3 early next week. A company always likes to have GOOD  news relesed early in the week so every one can talk about it! I just hope this is not a case of buy on rumor sell on news.... If so I guess I can dip my toe in some more and get the second half of my position. After doing some reading yesterday and doing some cmp's with other similar companies I thought the risk reward was very good. Bought in at 2.65.

Cheers and have a great weekend

Go Boatman!!!! (Lions fan here)

Fish On!!