I suspect the 'fiscal cliff' will be a non-event .. they always in the past come to an agreement and kick the can down the road, and the media always gets hysterical as the clock ticks .. why would this be any different. Sure it might cause some volatility in the market as the media gets hysterical. Regarding the technicals here ... the volatility currently is actually narrowing, the bollinger bands are narrowing (thin green lines) Blue arrows point out earlier narrowing events. A couple times a big move followed, one time the move stalled. 2.70 is looking like the resistance it has to break. The support last few days has been the 20 day .. 2.55. Last week it dropped below the 20 day but snapped back quickly. It's still in an uptrend, and the support is 20 cents below. Couple times after the bollinger bands narrowed, it rode the 20 day and then broke upward. That's just a purely technical look.. and doesn't come with a guarantee.  At any rate I'm expecting a move soon simply because large volatility follows low volatility, so I'm watching the MACD to see if it turns up.. It's kind of flat right now.. (bottom chart)