Even better balance as they grow proportion of oil/NGLs. Their 2H average boepd using their projected fy wud be 3,594 of maybe 57% oil/NGLs which given again their proj net oper cf netback should equal about 49c to 52c cfps 2H. The first qtr of next year should be at least 1/7th more boepd from what we know today and using same figures of $70 bo and 3.33 natgas as in 2H that makes at least 56c to 59c cfps for first 6 months with no further increase in prodn. So,  say 58c cfps in 6 mos plus another  say 66c in second half for a cfps on today's price of 2. With such conservative growth in those numbers the main risk is commodity price but that is why I used $70 gross average for oil and $3.33Mcf for gas. If sp goes lower I will definitely buy more but also if I see strength back into $2.50's I will take that as a strong signal. AMO. GLA.