Good to see us basing here right around the resistance level of 8-9 cents that Westcoast was looking for.  The basing is important as it is showing us that there are no sellers, even after a 100% from the bottom of 4 cents.

The next resistance level I see is at 12 cents.....I would suspect another 4 cent move and then we base in and around there.  The most likely scenario is this happens even before we get a sniff of news. 

Within the next few weeks this board is going to get polluted with momo traders.  My one piece of advice.....Do not get shaken out of your trade.  One lesson I have learned over the years is that the winners in your portfolio need to be maximized.  Some people call this being greedy....I call it understanding that when you have "the nuts" in your hand you can't be beat!  This will make-up for the many other dud investments in your portfolio.

29 days until the AGM and we're going to get a fair bit of news before then!