She's been a long hard battle here 2guys.  I had shares in this company back 3 years ago and had a tough time seeing the end game.  I sold back then and came back about 2 months ago.  Now that the lawsuit is gone, Precision is onboard, clinical trials are through, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


A key in all of this is that a royalty payment will be paid upon commercialization (any day now as it's expected by mid 2013), and that will hold off any need for a private placement until 2015.  I would even make the conclusion that they will never need a PP ever again because the success Precision will have in generating sales for GeneFx Lung


Remember....The key thing here is that MBI had two companies wanting to take their product to market (orginally Signal Genetics/Respira Health and now Precision).  Both partners saw huge potential in what MBI had to offer and that should say enough as is.  We can also be assured that MBI got a good deal in the royalty since there were 2 bidders.