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The mining of rare earths, Matamec, concluded its third round of public information Lorrainville May 3 The main concerns of the twenty people present touched the potential environmental disasters, radioactivity, the economic benefits. Representatives of the development and the Chamber of Commerce in the room showed great interest in the 250 direct jobs anticipated. Potential economic impact of $ 350 million for construction and $ 80 to $ 85 million annual scheduled after the start of production scheduled for 2016 have also delighted. For cons, the first question raised by the public affected radioactivity. "According to the data we have, the rock of the Kipawa deposit has a natural radioactivity of about 30 ppm (particle per million) uranium and 270 ppm thorium, said Andre Gauthier, President of Matamec. It is extremely low in comparison to what can be found in a uranium mine where it is referred to 10, 000 to 20,000 ppm. " These preliminary data on uranium and thorium released during the extraction of rare earths are to be confirmed by further study to be popularized and announced shortly, according to Mr. Gauthier. A project on a human scale By way of introduction, Andre Gauthier, was first provided an overview of the different uses of rare earths such, new technologies, medical scanners, hybrid cars, some glasses. He then presented the Kipawa project as a project on a human scale by comparing it to that of Osisko at Malartic. "Our daily tonnage out of the mine will be 9,000 t compared to Osisko where it is 250 000 tons," he said. His colleague, Bertho Caron, engineer, went on to present a plan for the future development of the plant and its various components, including two pipelines with a length of 6 km connecting the plant to the tailings. The size of the pit of the open pit should cover 1.5 km by 300 m with a depth of 100 m. Four public information sessions were preceded that given Lorrainville. Forty people were assisted to that given in Eagle Village, twenty Kipawa, fifteen to that given in English Temiscaming and the same number than in French. In the southern sector, public issues touching the same points according to Mr. Gauthier, plus questions about noise and truck traffic.