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Basically, it mentions that Matamec is actually consulting the population near Kipawa about the future exploitation of the Kipawa deposit.  There are some people that are concerned of the potential issues with the water and others for their cottage near the lake.  The first nations are following the development with much interest.  We did not see any strong opposition (yet) to the project in this coverage.  People knows that some development is needed for the area but they want to make sure everything is done properly.


I remember when Osisko proposed its development plan for its Malartic Gold Mine, and their was a lot more opposition to the project.  The project got the OK anyway.  On March 7th 2011, two Osisko's executives join Matamec's Stategic Advisory Committee (Sean Roosen and Robert Wares, press release available here ) and I wonder if they are still around to help us in this process.