Been thrilled with them to be precise.

The Mat/Zeus/Kipawa Deposit is postulated to be the first primary output HREE mine to come into existence in North America by 2014 / 2015 -(fast tracked).

At the Kipawa Deposit , Toyota has their focus on the mineralized zones ranging from 0.329% to 1.56% TREO of between 28% to 53% of the TREO comprised of Heavy REO over thicknesses from 2.5 to 24.5 meters thick.

According to MAT, the Kipawa deposit is in competition with the lateritic superficial clay deposits located in the Lognan/Jiangxi region of Southern China, which accounts for the bulk of the global heavy rare earths and yttrium production. These deposits are 3 to 10 meters thick with grades going from .05% to .20% TREO.

You can be certain there is large interest on the sidelines keeping MATon the radar for that one catalyst that will move the sp .
News of large bulk separation success bringing forth the subsequent sealed Toyota bond with Mat is going to be the NR of 2012 for MAT.