this a non sense and wondering how the stock exchange allow such a circus to take place. HALT lasting 6 months and counting!!!!!!    So it takes one year to do an amalgation!!!!! what a CIRCUS and all of this under the nose of the stock exchange. I consider irreparable damage done to honest shareholders. Think about it they propose 119 million shares held by Flemish and 6 millions by Mam previuos shareholders!!! and they dare call this a public company. wowww if you take away 50% held by old mam management so we are left with 3 millions shares out of 125  millions. let do the math:   2.4 % public and 97,6% held by overall management!  Am I wrong somewhere or if this is true they take us for idiots! I consider the present MAM manager directly responsible for this mascarade and circus. He proved to us he is a complete nonsense, incompetent and ridiculous.