This deal just went from bad to WTH are they thinking, this is a whole new deal now not even anywhere's close to the original deal. It's bordering on criminal imo, its not an update it's a completely amended deal in which case by that alone should be squashed by the Venture regulators. You can't put a stock in a lengthy holding (halted) pattern for one thing only to change the whole deal and say here yea go almost done. Yea done like dinner.

This none deal is a big fat NO for me and NO for consolidation and YES to complete management change.

OUT with the old and in with the new. Seriously, give your heads a shake.

Went from MAM doing a PP  at .42 after consolidation which at the close of .07 and 1 for 6 roll back worked out in terms of SP to Flemish doing the PP at .10 for 50 MM Flemish shares and MAM still doing the roll back and still only getting 1 for 1 after the Flemish financing... that's just LUDICROUS!!!

Ok, calm down, given current market conditions I would consider this new deal only and ONLY if MAM does NOT do the roll back and we get 1:1 or we do the roll back and get 6:1, you chose. anything else would be just nonsense.