I'm thinking jazzfest was suggesting .20 preconsolidation before the amalgamation. Brian Carter stated in e-mail that this will be trading again before amalgamation once the tsx is satisfied with all documents and whatever. The amalgamation requires shareholder approval so if this starts trading again, it will be preconsolidation shares ( current mam shares ) and I think share price will be dictated by shareholders reaction to the amalgamation news ( some will want in, others will maybe see a chance to get out ) and the upcoming aluminous clay assay results, due any day now ( wouldn't surprise me if they are released when we start trading again or soon after) If we don't trade until consolidation, amalgamation and shareholder approval then yes we need to open at .42 cent to meet our last closing price of  0.07 cent but it doesn't matter if shareholders don't have access to their shares. No one will be able to trade these shares ( pre or post consolidation ) including shorters. When this opens, we'll all be on equal ground. Should get interesting soon