I tried to call Brian but no luck holidays of course! Now my position hasn't changed at all infact I think its a brilliant move and the timing couldn't be better look Chinese manufacturing is at 19 month high American housing is turning around manufacturing is expanding the CLIFF is getting sorted out which means gold is headed much higher and speculation is going to run wild again and we will be set up for some huge gains here small small float and huge land position means solid gains in a speculative environment which we are headed for this thing should be trading again soon and I'm still expecting upside and any drop below current price will be met with buying just watch and see its the easiest way into post consolidation and I think the consolidation is awesome as well fact is its done at such a low price it provides for nothing but upside and it affects nobody because the last pps were all taken by insiders and the people in this past run don't lose because there is now a floor preconsolidation so all good and very exciting potential coming here!