First off they put out a news release out because someone caught wind of this news and bought on the cheap the company was more or less made to put this news out quicker because of the volume and surge in price so fine this move is still a couple months or more away by doing the pp at .40 it basically puts a preconsolidated floor under the share price of .06-.07 which is where we are at with no upside for the assays coming up which could prove substantial so basically anybody thinking this is going to .03 is dreaming anything under .06 the long term holders can snap up and get in on the cheap for the post consolidated shares like I've said before u can play this both short term which is now and 2 months from now or accumulate for post consolidation for 2 months and beyond no matter how u play it there is upside assays are likely a week or 2 away I for one don't wanna miss that upside !