Rainman: Your reasoning is persuasive.  I see your point.  I'm in for the long haul.  But unlike you, I'm not buying anymore.  I'm tired of paying people to run around with a shovel.  I want to see results. 

You remember the story about the farmer and his wife in a horse drawn carriage?   He was taking his wife to church when the horse f'rted.  The farmer said, "That's one." and rode on.  Then the horse f'rted again.  The farmer said, "That's two", continuing on his way.  When the horse did something stupid again, the farmer exclaimed" "That's three!"  Jumping off the carriage, he pulled out is gun and shot the horse dead.   By then, the couple was  close to their destination.  He took his wife in hand and began walking toward the church when the wife complained about being late to the service.  The farmer calmly replied: "That's one"!

Regarding Miranda's financing surprise: "That's one!"