Agreed. I am hoping that we will see some stabalization in junior share prices soon as we near the end of tax loss selling. Many of these juniors will fail this coming year, but this should only improve the fates of those who do not. It is difficult to believe that this placement was 66% oversubscribed in such a market. You have to ask WHY? And these guys raised this cash in only two  weeks while many, if they can raise cash at all, raise very little in tranches. It would help if the weasel who has been trying to dump hundreds of thousands of shares at twenty-five cents since the placement would get his gd foot of our throaths for a few days so that we could breathe. Let the shares try and recover a few cents and then try again. I've been told that this is someone trying to raise cash to participate in the placement. If he doesn't understand TA and how thinly traded these shares are, then he best learn. We are threading on a twelve year support line that if broken could become very strong long term resistance. In other words, do himself a favour.