There is no question that the junior markets are a mess. There are few if any options available to LWC. They are going the path of non dilutive opportunities such as the sale of Pistol Lake or finding a JV partner. Enough drilling has been done that the current theory that Jim has come up with is that the center of the past drilling program hosts the source of high grade moly. In order to prove this theory LWC will need a minimum of $750,000 and in these markets it is very tough. Most of you are aware that the outstanding warrants from the last issue have now died. That takes some potential overhang off the market. There is no plans to reverse split the stock either. More patience is required as moly is firming up and any projects that have been postponed inn the infrastructure world still have to be done. Anyone notice the recent General Moly deal where the Chinese picked up effective control? The market is only going to get tighter for moly. Stay tuned folks the game is about to begin.