No need to panic unless you were just in for a cup of coffee,  most have said all along it is going to take some time for this one to pan out.  Bunje has posted many very will thought out comments over the past year,  he knows his stuff as well as anyone and he has said all along this is a couple years out.  So with that in mind we just have to get through this current market mood.  I look at another opportunity to average down when it gets down into the 30s.

Bella,  I am going to offer to pay your tuition for another session at charm school,  the last one seems to be wearing off.  You need to relax a little,  nothing wrong with the believers wanting to see some news.  Truth is there is not going to be any news right now that is going to help matters.  If they were drilling and hit a vein of hight grade gold that would be the only thing to make the stock explode right now.  I personaly do not want to see any take over bids at this time as they would not be in the range that the propert would be worth in the right market.  We just need to hang on for a better market/economy and the rewards will be there.