I beg to differ on his assessment of gold stagnating in the near term (  of which we have a million ounces in the ground) as I believe the stage is set for massive moves in both precious metals in 2013. The bullion banks, comex etc. have had their reserves raided on every downturn in paper precious metals . The day of reckoning is upon them . I believe by mid summer both gold and silver will be much higher. Silver is being mined and used as an industrial metal as well as a currency so the impact of currency debasement will be doubly critical on the price of silver over gold going forward. With it's use in solar energy and only 1 billion ounces of silver above ground I could see silver eventually (not for a few years) being catagorized as a rare earth metal. At the same time, I see gold breaching 2000 $ by the end of 2013. If we are on the launch pad waiting for launch the fiat currencies are the fuel. Hang on for the ride.