You have done an excellent job of describing the situation in your various postings. I certainly agree with what you are saying based on the extensive research I have done into this particular situation. It is interesting to compare the LVN stock price action to the GDX and GDXJ over the same period and to note that the patterns are pretty similar. Even if we had seen a lot of the missing news items that many of our posting colleagues have been complaining about, I doubt if they would have made much of any difference in the price action on the stock. That would be different if the GDXJ and GDX were in up trends, or the price of gold and silver were to break out of their trading ranges.

Sitting on the LVN shares as a value investor oriented towards the long term is much like being an astronaut sitting in a rocket ship stuck on the ground waiting for the weather to clear. It's hard to get aboard the rocket once it decides to take off, and I suspect that this one could take off without much advance notice. I would rather already be on board than to try and chase it later. The fundamentals are more compelling at LVN in the current price range than most of the junior exploration companies out there.

This thing well eventually sell to a major based on what the fundamentals are,, not what short term stock traders think the price ought to be.