The current junior market environment is doing very little for investors to feel good about their investment.

Should I bash the company/stock noting that the entire resource market is currently stuck in pig mire?

EVERY resource stock has bled red in this market.

Last year's darlings are this year's cantankerous h oes.

It's tough for every investor who has invested in TSX and TSXV stocks.

Granted, there have been some exceptions but these have been few and far between.

I see no need to denigrate my investment as the market is doing a far better job than me.

Being a positive guy, my optimism rarely wavers and I continue to be upbeat that there are good times ahead.

Experts nor laymen can predict with any accuracy as to when this market will turn.

The market will turn when the market decides to turn.

If some choose to knock me for my long haul of optimism, then so be it.

I see no need to be a Chicken Little and worry about the sky falling when Atlas is there to shoulder his responsibility.


We all make our own conscious individual choices when we choose to invest in a company.

The hard reality is that the market has changed, not the company.

I don't like this market any more than the next investor.

The way I see it, one has to dig in before he can dig out.