I firmly believe you will be well rewarded for sticking with Levon. In the near term we might be range bound but a huge short squeeze is underway in silver. I feel that the price of silver is going much higher. The paper contracts in silver have created a robust up side condition in both gold and silver. Debt monetization through out the whole world is presently at full speed. Nothing is as it seems in the markets and more and more buyers are coming into the pm market. (real bullion or bullion in the ground) Imagine the price of Levon when silver rockets to 100/oz. We have real silver (physical). The paper shorts in this market are about to be squeezed and have to cover.

In my opinion this will be a busy spring . We will survive this bear trap and head on to the mania stage of precious metals with money in the bank. Some on this board are going to owe Ron and this management team an apology and it will not be a long wait. Be right, sit tight.