Bella, say what you like about the leader however Levon is an exploration company and have said right from the start that they have no intention of mining this property.  Now having said that who knows for sure that this type of thinking may change due to the state of the junior exploration companies over the past year and a half.

The big miners are just not pciking up these properties right now unless they are given away.  If you think it is a good value at these prices then you should jump back in.  Do not put yourself in a corner because of your views of the CEO,  if you like the company then jump back in.  I have been increasing my position every time it gets below .40 and even added some recently in the high 40s.  Do not see anything going to happen for a while so if you are patient you just might get some opportunity below .40 down the road.  I just know I do not want to be on the sidelines when something eventually occurs. g