No investor on this board can be deemed a stick in the mud if he expresses frustration at the stock price and general market malaise for junior resource stocks in general.

This stock is stuck in the junior market mud and currently going nowhere except down as of late.

We're all waiting for the same thing---ownership of a piece of land that changes the economics and dynamics of the existing resource.

How much alteration in the share price this action will cause remains to be seen.

Also, what value add will come from that $50 million plus M&A warchest?

The market is watching and waiting with varying levels of temperament and patience.

The stock has fallen from the low 50's to the low 40's on relatively low volume.

Obviously some have lost patience.

The market remains a zero sum game--every dollar lost is a dollar gained.

I'm sure Levon Management is as frustrated as it's shareholders.

After all, they too are shareholders.

The world is not perfect and the junior equities market even less so.

Investors have to find their own individual comfort level in this arena of imperfection and complete their own tolerance tests.

Some will stay, some will newly enter and some will go.

This is the market.

This is reality.

Cheers to all Levon faithful.