This is from the latest issue of ProspectCentre. Firewheel's H&H well tested 1,500/boe day, 84% oil. This well is about 10 miles south of Lyden's Mitchell Ranch farmout with CHK.



FireWheel’s results best yet in the Cline at 1,500 boepd
In Sterling Co., Texas FireWheel Energy’s H&H Ranch-41H well flowed 1,500 boepd 
(84% oil) during a 24-hr test.  The results are the best yet in the Cline with comparable results 
much lower.  The industry 30-day Cline type curve is 575 boepd according to Drillinginfo.  
Laredo’s 2012 Cline well averaged ~500 boepd, Apache’s average well output ~425 boepd 
and Devon’s first two wells averaged 375 boepd, all over 30 days.  While 30-day rates have 
not yet been release on this well, the expected results are likely to be superior.
According to TPH, FireWheel's results provide upside for Devon who has acreage 
surrounding the well in every direction in Sterling Co. and Range who has 100,000 
Sterling Co. acres to the west.  Laredo’s Cline acreage however is too far away at over 
20 miles to net any benefit.