No need to apologize Pandora.  I feel the same as you most days.  I haven't traded LVL, but rather have elected to hold and ignore the short term moves because I see value at least double of the current share price.  Sometimes i wish I did try to flip it and catch the 5-10 cent moves but i'm convinced if I try i will be out when the big payday arrives.


Today's news of Chesapeake selling Permian assets to Shell maybe was the cause of yesterday's share price action.  Maybe the deal included the mitchell ranch package or assets in the immediate vacinity?  I am merely speculating.  Regardless, i dont think it was meaningless.  Someone wanted in quickly in size so i am still hoping something positive is pending.  The most frustrating part was that there was actually that many sellers in this 70 area to soak up those shares and prevent an even larger share price spike.