Q4 earnings should be better - seven digits hopefully - but there will likely be more one-time items as they arise from acquisitions - the cost of due diligence and the legals, which can be substantial.

 A financing at $1 would be nice but not likely the next one unless the company wants to wait. The CEO says he's eyeing some bigger fish acquisition-wise, so I assume he won't want to wait. It should be okay though becuase the basic math  is about a tripling of net income for a doubling of revenues. 

Once the company hits a certain size the big money - institutions - can and likely will start to buy. The dealers are starting to take the company around to insitutions. I understand they're interested but most say "it's too small for now, but come back when you're bigger."

Stock has behaved well, especially considering how many shares came off hold (those from the August financing) in late December. Given the gains investors made in that deal, it's remarkable that so many held on.

I participated in that financing (and the first one) but am holding the vast majority of my stock. It's always tempting to take a profit but I really think this one has a lot of upside even after its might run.