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Loyalist Group Limited V.LOY

Sector: Consumer Defensive | Sub-Sector: Education & Training Services

Loyalist Group Ltd is an educational organization that is in the business of providing in class private education services, with an emphasis on teaching ESL, Professional development courses and College transfer preparation programs.
Price: $0.46 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 25,000 | Day High/Low: 0.47/0.46 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.79/0.41

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To buy this company in USA? Tia  rate and reply
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RE:The bitter, basher, brigade

On the topic of bottoms and 52 week lows, I hardly see this as a bad thing. We all know that LOY is one of the rare companies on the TSX-V that actually makes money and is in no need of stock dilution...read more
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The bitter, basher, brigade

Ex-employees are lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on Loyalist and attack solid investors not understanding that it's all to avail this stock has a life of it's own. We all know that most...read more
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You are an idiot. Look at the facts regarding the new CFO. And what happenened to the Ex Loyayl CFO Nancy? Providing accounting support? Great way to reward loyal employees.  rate and reply
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I see all the lowlife have crawled back out of the woodwork. Sigh. Happens every time the stock looks inexpensive. Wonder why?? Remember, Bashers never bash a bad stock. They have an agenda and...read more
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Great research Muddywaters. Just makes you wonder if this came out during the interview process.  All I can say is 'Birds of a Feather'  rate and reply
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Best use of new CFO's talent at LOY

Count 5 (a): NSI, Mr. Alboini, as Ultimate Designated Person, and Mr. Chornoboy, as Chief Financial Officer from February 2008 to February 2009, filed or permitted to be filed "inaccurate monthly...read more
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New CFO adds excellent credibility to LOY??

From no CFO to this? http://www.iiroc.ca/IIROCSearch/Pages/Results.aspx?k=Douglas Chornoboy http://www.iiroc.ca/Documents/2013/eaa13d40-8be6-4194-a577-03345f2c7d7a_en.pdf http://www.iiroc.ca/Documents...read more
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RE:RE:RE:New Financing Coming

Financing "was" coming because these brokers assumed that they can jack up the stock and place another round of dilution. Too many people are bailing out in huge volume. Take notice of the big block...read more
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RE:RE:New Financing Coming

Facts for F2013: LOY's average direct cost + expenses is 63% of revenue., which means annual cash flow pay-out is at least $34.65M, or $2.89M per month based on $55M revenue this year per their own...read more
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near 52 week low again

not a good pick. good luck.  rate and reply
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Loyalist is one of the most legit stocks on the TSX-V

My money is on the new lows @.46 that will not last much longer with rising revenues and a solid business plans in place, most great TSX-V stocks are down now. Canacord picked up over a 1/2 million...read more
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based on recent trend, you are kind of right. many shareholders want to get rid of this one. maybe other stocks are more attractive.  rate and reply
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This stock losing its credibilty. The ups and downs do not match the companies performance. A real lack of confidence by investors is being shown here of the upper management. I am guessing the board...read more
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RE:sell off continues

Yun321: Do you ever know when any price change - up or down - will definitely end?  Silly man.  rate and reply
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sell off continues

and we don't know when it end.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Time To Get A Good Position

No offence.  Yes it does.  rate and reply
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RE:Time To Get A Good Position

No offence. This appointment does not mean a lot.  rate and reply
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Time To Get A Good Position

Things Are About To Change "We are pleased to expand the Loyalist board with the appointment of Doug Conick," said Andrew Ryu, chief executive officer of Loyalist. "He is a welcome addition to the...read more
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Loyalist is attracting some very talented individuals...

Loyalist Group appoints Conick to board Loyalist Group Ltd (C:LOY)  Shares Issued 148,814,592 Last Close 7/7/2014 $0.50 Tuesday July 08 2014 - News Release Mr. Andrew Ryu reports LOYALIST...read more