Q4 should show a better earnings if we're not hit with too many 1 time items. We'll have more cash and hoping to see the next financing at a much higher price, 1 dollar would be ideal but probably won't happen. Either way LOY imo is still growing very quickly, to fuel this they'll need more cash, I just hope we're not diluted much more.

Looking to see this bounce close to the dollar mark over the next couple months, then settle back down would be nice to see a new base in the 70-90 cent range. Like you said crosenfield, Q4 earnings, more aquisitions, maybe even some new contracts? I think we'll be seeing a bit of everything.... and I love the way this stock shoots up at will, seems to be very tightly held for now  -very encouraging to see it hold 40's and bounce back. I puchased my last block 2 days ago, now fully loaded... GLTA.