I appreciate you checking in with Stockhouse management, it really was not necessary, I simply stated I don't understand why people take the time out of their day to bash stocks. I doubt this is out of the goodness of your heart, however if it is pardon my inquiry and thank you for the public service you are providing us. 

I will contnue to buy, especially if the looming fiscal cliff causes panic selling, that might mean getting cheap shares in the 30s, what a wonderful boxing week sale that would be. uchuck I'd love to follow you to the various boards you post on such as IPL etc, but I have a life with limited time to listen to the garbage provided by a pseudo-analyst.

I bought in the 20s, 40s, 50s and will be buying as long as we're in this range... glta, stay with it and hold tight, don't let these guys grab cheap shares from you.