Good for Vanstar but Tomagold has bigger things in the works. This news about the Vanstar acquisitions will bring the company speculative demand for their stock based on the comparision between them and Tomagold which is positively referred to in the article you linked.

The article does remind investors that, quote:

"Tomagold- Quinto released excellent results on Monster Lake in the last previous months, as follows :

Best results fron the 325 zone (Monster Lake - Tomagold, February 20, 2013 press release)


Hole   Length Depth
No. g/t Au (m) (m)
M-25-11(i) 101.2 4.50 50
M-38-11(i) 7.2 3.00 80
M-37-11(i) 19.4 2.00 85
M-43-11(i) 11.1 1.00 103
M-13-94 11.5 5.30 187
M-13-93 33.6 5.85 217
M-13-95 42.0 7.20 278"


With Vanstar jumping 50% on this news, the chances of Tomagold seeing a jump in share price this week is good. VSR can't say they have results similar or even close to Tomagold's because they haven't drilled their new property until now, yet their share price is getting relatively close to LOT's on pure speculation that they will see similar results.

In my opinion, and based on the reminder to everyone of their amazing underlying drill results and on this news bringing extra attention to this specific mining area from new various markets, Tomagold will have a green couple of weeks.

Good day!