will there be a 3 hole NR  or a 7 hole NR ?, someone said on this bb it would take until wed. to complete .so that could  mean a week from monday before the halt if they go with the big splash .also extra week would gives workers etc. a chance  to buy more stock ,


 /look into the future 

CEO goes to drill site to help make decision when to release NR  ,does interview and give hint of good results and finds a way to tie in the word MONSTER  , CEO waits to release NR for 7 holes , news reveals '' monster gold discovery in Quebec'' stock goes to $100.00   investors  buy airline tickets to head for sunshine in Jamaica with /WINE ,WOMEN ,AND SONG  / 6 months later investor comes back broke /wife takes off with another man ,investor ends up at homeless center /investor tells everyone at homeless center  how lucky he was that he invested in LOT/