Your correct on that,  I dont know sector to the extent as many as you do on the board. But charts, pp entries, volume trends,share price ranges, insider buying dollar amounts and entries do speak volume on depth.

I have now three plays in the sector and it does have my attention as i am sure it does many, but LMR just falls short in just about every area above at least for now. Not to say that cant change .

I think when you see simple trend changes happen, such as  sustainable volume , higher priced insider buying on the market beyond 8 cents by Mr. Gill sorry lets call him Paul as many do, as well new insider buying beyond him in multiple entries on the open market. I also would like to see this 8 cent bubble burst that is sustainability longer then a fortnight.

Till you see some trends broken most of all in a good market , it s just not worth the entry and being stuck with LMR when it may return to 4 cents and no volume as it has done many times and for now, I dont know if those days are in the past as I have seen it before as it took months to sell just at 6 cents.

if I see changes and sustainability i will not mind paying a premium if that premium is 10-12 cents I think that sounds like a safe play for someone thinking long term rather then doing an entry at 7 cents .

lets face it,, if last week we had learn that we would have 4 million in volume in three trade days, many of you would have thought the share price would be 10 cents or above, it did not happen and I know many of you will say , well we got the weak out and day traders that is true, but how many times will we repeat the same excuse as to why we cant hit 10 cents and this is why my re entry will come at 4 cents or maybe 11 cents if the trends burst as I have just seen too much tire spining from 5-7 cents to get excited about lmr