Volume trend was massive 2.7 million to 800 thousand to 487 thousand and lets see how long it will take to go back to normal volume numbers between 20-30,000 and be back to a floating range of 6-7 cents which its held for months and months

The board just has so much drama as if going from 5.5 cents to 8 to fall back to 7 has changed this into something special and that everyone from your fathers, brother , sisters , classmates should get into this and whats is worst , never being  sustainable a simple spike above 6 cents again and as usual returns to its norm 

Did anyone read this  agreement it has a back out clause, brings nothing short term, lots of ifs ands and maybe, but talks of one dollar are on the board , sorry wiill not insult the board , one person talking one dollar

Once more when LMR hits that magic number of 7 cents the talks start as it is rev up to break 10 , my bet says volume back to its norm of 15-25,000 a day , share price not breaking 8 and back to 4.5 in hopes a safe re emtry point does come about