Mozambique is much improved.  Madagascar is good as well.  


Sherrit huge project a vote of confidence.  Energizer will only need 30 to 40km worth of rail once the coal fields are up and running.    don't think it matters about buyers... as long as the graphite is of the desired qulaity you will see guys like Asbury among others be major customers.  which is not that bad.  


In the end the best low cost deposits that have scalability will be developed.  there will always be supply form all over the world becasue of seurity of supply issue but look to Africa to eventually produce half the world's graphite.


Unless you are extemely high grade and can compete on a cost per tonne bassis like Lac Gueret or own technology liek NGC, FMS and now LMR... 


it is going to be a tough go.  these project have billion dollar valuations at $1000 pe tonne graphite.