"if lmr comes close to those numbers then and only then would the shares pop to new 52week high levels"

No not really. ZEN has vein graphite which is very pure to begin with and the costs to bring it to 99.96% is very low. Also, only vein graphite can really compete in the synthetic graphite market.

It is mind blowing how some people get stuck in one concept and refuse to look into others. ZEN is a whole new concept. It does not compete in any way with the "flake" graphite market. It is unique and stands alone.

Take one look at the ZEN chart and you will see how the market views ZEN as opposed to the flakers. I hold some flake stocks as well so I am not anti flake.

Do yourselves a favour and at least go over to the ZEN board and read up a bit about vein graphite.

ZEN is a $5 stock in a few months.