Were in a better position than many graphite companies out there. Company has money in the bank.

Lomiko has enough in the bank to move forward for awhile, no worrys about that.

Lets say Paul does a financing at around 0.065 (15,000,000 share) , that would roughly be $1,000,000

What if Paul decide to hold back a bit, and run the company with what they have now in $, juniours sector should be in a better situation than they are now in the coming months.

Let say Paul has enough $$$,$$$ until April-May, and the stock is above  .10 - would it  make more sense to do a financing than?

You guys have heard of Blair .Way, Ceo of  V.SRK? Well he has something up his sleeves that will benefit the company, its all about survival in this juniour sector collaspe. I'm sure Paul will keep the company into moving forward in many years to come. Paul is very dedicated in this company, and he will not back down, he'll continue to build this company. Enough of the mushy remarks from me, lol.

Pretty good day in the markets today, the days will come when the juniour sector come out of this terrible bear market.