The science you place on LMR falls under a theory that gives you a reason to buy, just about every single TSX.V asset, that has no volume or logic to the naked eye or investment group and with all those speculations that you bring to the table of being that sole person or parties involved in such an asset , what % ever make it that fall under that category?.

Dont worry that nobody has interest or really any true insider is attached to this asset outside the management and has no institute backing or strong coverage, who cares if over the last 5 years of structure,  was not strong enough to attract any significant investor or brought the share price or volume to the next level and really just being status quo position prior to 2008, with what everyone is calling great drill reports on this board

fact is there has been positives on this asset and it has always dried up, if the positives of LMR had advanced its causes and you saw, new members to the team, different insider buying,  or high end insider buying and an increase of volume numbers, stability on the share price rather then the same old same old, same old  back to a nickle that takes away any true  long term players and just  just leaves some day traders who  as being the profit taker only.

I guess thats the key, the next step in lmr  is to have the confidence of turning on  a long term player and till the asset can support that  it is  hypothetical  only out at best. but your right getting in now and turning this into a long term play has its rewards and with that, you can give a case for just about 99% of all the venture plays in mining, if only we can get this done, if only we had the cash to advance this, if if if if if if if .